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Get discounts every time you shop through the Indiahaat app.
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Keep a track of all your savings through the Discount meter.
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We believe that everyone is a bargain hunter, it's just that they are bargaining at a different table. Our motive is to help consumers save money every time they make a purchase. We truly believe that we can make this possible by establishing a better relationship between consumers and businesses especially in one's hyper-local area

How do I download the app?
You can download the app on your android phone from the Google Play Store from here : Download
What products are the discounts applicable on?
You can get discounts on all types of products in a shop if you meet the discount criteria mentioned in the offer or in the terms and conditions of that offer.
How do I get the discount ?
Download the app from the above link and register yourself. Once you’re registered mention your registered mobile number from to the store owner at the time of billing and the store owner will apply the discount on your order.
What platforms is the app available on?
The app is only available on the Android platform right now.
Can I get a discount if I don't have an android phone?
Yes, you can. Just register and verify your mobile here through the website and you’ll be eligible to get discounts by all Indiahaat registered stores in your area on all different types of products.
Where can I reach you?
You can reach out to us on :